mercredi 14 juin 2017

Aerial Ballet promo photo session

Aerial Ballet promo photo session
photos from Dec, 1968 by Baron Wolman

One of these photographs was used for Eye Magazine in Dec, 1968 
about Harry and his house in LA among other pop stars 
living in the same area.

At Home With Los Angeles' Pop Stars
"Harry Nilsson spends most of his time at the piano 
in his Laurel Canyon home, composing the songs that recently 
have gained him so much attention. A modern, dark-paneled place, 
his home perches on stills overlooking the canyon. 
On the piano sits his favorite possession, a hand-crank 1905 Victor 
Talking Machine with a laminated oak bell".

Later used by MOJO magazine for a great 7 page article issue 
of April 2008 titled Little Boy Lost.

Notice that those photos are reversed from the original shooting.

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